US Women’s Soccer Star Alex Morgan Highlights Video

The United States women’s soccer team won its third Women’s World Cup over the weekend. Of course winning a Women’s World Cup is a lot like winning gold at the Special Olympics… at the end of the day they are still women… and retarded.

The talk of the tournament was the US team’s star striker Alex Morgan. However, many feminists in the West have complained that Alex wasn’t being taken seriously as an athlete by the chauvinist media, because of the way she looks. In response us Muslims have compiled the highlight reel video above to showcase Alex’s best moves, and demonstrate just how impressed we are with her abilities.

Yes Alex Morgan is certainly a rare physical specimen, as it is extremely special to find a woman with such pleasingly unfeminine tiny titties, and such a powerful ass and meaty thighs capable of pulling the plow for many hectares. The feminists can rest at ease knowing that any Muslim man would be proud to have Alex chained up in his barn, and that we feel this way solely based on her physical prowess, with not even a hint of sexual desire towards her appearance.