Alison Brie Gets Completely Naked And Squats Down

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“Community” star Alison Brie squats down outside while completely naked except for a pair of knee-high socks in the photo above.

Clearly Alison Brie is preparing to take an enormous dump, but she is far too lazy and inconsiderate to dig a hole. Leave it to an egocentric celebrity like Alison to think that she can just poop wherever she pleases, and not care if anyone steps in it.

Yes Alison Brie obviously does not consider the consequences of her actions. What if a bear happens by and steps his mighty paw in a pile of Alison’s rancid crap, which throws him into such a rage that he decides to slaughter a classroom kindergarteners? I doubt this scenario even crossed Alison’s mind as she squeezed out a log in this nude photo.