Ariana Grande Ass Shaking Compilation Video

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Ariana Grande has been flaunting her tight little ass on stage for years now, in what is clearly a desperate attempt to entice a Muslim man into stretching her anus hole with his enormous tunic snake.

As you can see in the compilation video below, Ariana’s live show mainly consists of her bending over and sticking out her butt while in leotards or extremely short dresses. Unfortunately for Ariana all of these brazen booty displays have not resulted in her colon being pulverized by the powerful and deep thrusts of an Islamic meat scud… yet.

After seeing this video of how determine Ariana is to get us Muslims to notice her taut rump, it is clear that we have no other choice but to step up and do something about it. Which brave mujahedin here will be the first to volunteer to satiate Ariana’s lecherous backdoor yearnings so that she stops with this sinful ass parade? Certainly wearing the martyr vest would be preferable, but sometimes truly unpleasant tasks must be done in defense of decency.