The Best Moments From Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman (Visual 1)” Video

The video above features all of the best moments from Ariana Grande’s first video for her new single “Dangerous Woman”.

It is clear from this video that like all immoral females Ariana Grande is certainly a dangerous woman, for seeing her parade around her tight round little ass and perky 32B boobies in lingerie has infected my pious Muslim mind with lecherous djinns which defile my brain with thoughts of vigorously sodomizing Ariana’s rectum with my enormous meat scud.

Yes there is no greater danger to a moral society then blasphemous female sexual expression, and Ariana Grande simply oozes it in this video. Thankfully in the civilized Islamic world we completely repress this great evil, and if it dares to rear its ugly head (in the form of a woman showing skin or walking unaccompanied to the market) we can rape it away and rid ourselves of the lustful shaitans.

Sadly with Ariana labeling this video “Visual 1” we must assume that even more ocular degeneracy is coming to promote this unholy single, and unless she is planning a Middle Eastern (or certain parts of Europe) tour soon we will have no means to expel the impious urges it elicits.