Bella Thorne Goes Full Lesbian

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Bella Thorne may have finally found a gimmick that will propel her to mainstream success, as she goes full lesbian in the video below.

Bella Thorne has come to realize that if she wants to achieve fame and fortune in the infidel West it is no longer enough for her to just be a brazen whore who constantly prostitutes her tight teen body on social media, for she needs an angle that taps into the hopelessly depraved perverse sexual desires of the kuffar populace.

Of course most young stars in heathen Hollywood today are opting for the route of being mudsharks who bang black guys, but that interracial taboo is fast becoming over-saturated with skanks. According to the porn viewing habits of the West (if you ignore all the hardcore bareback homoqueer stuff) the next best thing is to associate oneself with hot girl-on-girl lesbian action. Bella does just that by claiming she is a “pussy monster” and tickling tongues with another girl in this video.