Carrie Underwood Poses Completely Topless

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Fresh off her appearance at the Super Bowl, former “American Idol” winner and country music star Carrie Underwood continues her futile struggle to try and stay relevant by posing completely topless in the photo above.

As you can see, Carrie attempts to show that she is a multifaceted talent, by taking one photo with her top on and another with her top off while she squeezes her titties. Unfortunately for Carrie this isn’t going to be enough to impress the degenerate infidel masses, as nowadays female celebrities routinely stroll about with their shameful chest meat out flapping in the wind.

If Carrie Underwood really wants to get people talking about her again then she should showcase the true extent of her so-called “talents” by taking a photo of her sucking off the head of her record label while the guy at NBC who inexplicably keeps booking her for specials and appearances pounds her tight little redneck ass from behind.