Chris Brown Finally Meets A Nice Girl

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American R&B singer Chris Brown has finally met a nice girl!

In the picture above Chris Brown is celebrating the release of his new album when one Tequisha Simmons approaches and prostrated herself before him, presenting her hindquarters for inspection. Chris Brown and his companions then examined Tequisha’s rump for child bearing qualities, and as you can see by the look on their faces approved it most enthusiastically.

It warms my heart to see someone as badly victimized as Chris Brown finally finding a suitable woman for breeding. As we all know because of America’s archaic and barbaric domestic abuse laws, Chris Brown was persecuted for straightening out his then girlfriend Rihanna, (even though it was within his rights to do so under Sharia law) and has suffered ever since.

Hopefully Tequisha and Chris Brown will be very happy together, and Chris will be able to correct Tequisha’s behavior without her running to the cops like a little bitch. Allahu Akbar!