DJ Tigerlily Nude Snapchat Video Leaked

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A famous Australian DJ named “Tigerlily” (real name Dara Kristen Hayes) just had the nude Snapchat video below leaked online.

Tigerlily is claiming that this disturbingly depraved Snapchat video was supposed to be private, and that whoever leaked it online committed a “sex crime”. Of course us Muslims have no sympathy for anyone who calls themselves a “DJ”, let alone a female attention whore one with immodest blue hair who flashes her tight naked body on Snapchat and then cries about it afterwards.

This Tigerlily nude Snapchat leak controversy is just a microcosm of a major problem in infidel culture… Which is that heathen women are allowed to run around being tremendous sluts, and then avoid taking responsibility for their actions by playing the victim card. Just look at the nude photo below from Tigerlily’s leaked Snapchat. Does that look like the face of a “sex crime” victim?

celeb-videos, celeb-jihad

Yes the only sex crime being committed with this Tigerlily leak is to us pious Muslim men, as we are once again forced to bear witness to sinful exposed feminine flesh. However, rest assured that we will balance the scales of justice when Islam conquers the backwards wasteland of Australia, and this Tigerlily tramp is sentenced to lapidation by boomerang in a Sharia court.