Jack LaLanne’s Death Proves Diet And Exercise Is Futile


Infidel fitness guru Jack LaLanne’s untimely death at the age of 96 proves once and for all that diet and exercise is futile.

Jack LaLanne was a heretical kuffar who is no doubt roasting in the eternal hellfire. The only exercises the Qur’an makes mention of is prostrating yourself to Allah, and slaughtering the infidels in a righteous Jihad. Nowhere does it mention lifting weights, jumping jacks, or squats.

Jack LaLanne also committed heresy in his diet, recommending that people eat a high protein low carb diet. I have never heard any eating habits more ridiculous and offensive to Islam. The Qur’an is very clear that the only “diet” people should be concerned with is the avoidance of filthy pig meats. Carbs are fine and to state otherwise is blasphemy.

Though Muhammad only lived to be 63 years old, it was not his health that gave way, it was because he was poisoned by the Jews for he righteously slaughtered many of them. If he had not been poisoned he would have easily lived to be at least 200, and could probably bench press 50 dead Jews even on his death bed.

That is way better than anything Jack LaLanne could do even in his prime. Think about that next time you want to drop a few pounds. Islam is the only diet you need. Allahu Akbar!