Kate Middleton Breastfeeding In Front Of The Queen

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Kate Middleton was caught breastfeeding her baby Prince George in front of her great-grandmother-in-law the Queen after the royal christening in the photo above.

During the after party for the baptism of Prince George, Kate Middleton plopped down on a sofa next to the Queen and whipped out her breast saying, “Ay this little bugger is hungry he is. Move over Queeny so he can have room to suckle me tit”.

For her part the Queen did her best to try and politely ignore Kate Middleton’s brash breastfeeding faux pas by working on a crossword puzzle, but was disturbed further when Kate shouted at her, “Hey you old bag pass me some of that Vagisil you keep in your purse. This kid is making me nipples as chapped as your old dried up snatch he is.”