Kirsten Varley Nude Scene From “Life Class”

On a recent trip to the future Islamic caliphate of Britainstan to set up a sleeper cell catch up with friends, I turned on the TV and was shocked to see model and actress Kirsten Varley brazenly displaying her blasphemous nude female body for a miniseries titled “Life Class” in the video above.

Apparently this “Life Class” series is considered “educational” programming, so this sort of sickeningly sinful sluttery is permitted. Clearly the series’ producers hope to use Kirsten’s nude body to teach the native populace of Englishmen how to stop being such flaming limp-wristed homofags, so that the UK’s birthrate slows its rapid decline.

Unfortunately for them this Kirsten Varley nude scene will have the opposite effect, for nothing is gayer than a man looking at a nude woman and waxing poetic about the aesthetic qualities of her body… The holy Qur’an is very clear that women are simply holes for dumping seed into, and that they should then be smacked on the ass and sent back to the fields or kitchen to finish their chores… This sort of extreme female idolization which has consumed the Western world will surely cause its downfall.