Taylor Lautner Responds To Push Up Challenge

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Closet queen Taylor Lautner is involved in a legal spate with Brent McMahon, who owns McMahon’s RV in Irvine. Apparently McMahon’s RV was supposed to deliver a customized trailer equipped with fainting couches, plush rugs, and 6 bidets, for Taylor Lautner to use as his personal dressing room during the filming of his new movie.

However, McMahon’s RV ran into trouble finding enough ostrich feathers for the trailer’s tickle station and had to deliver the trailer late to Taylor. Of course Taylor Lautner promptly threw a huge diva fit when his precious trailer had not arrived on time, and immediately contacted his lawyer to file a lawsuit against McMahon’s RV.

Earlier this week Brent McMahon suggested that they settle this lawsuit like men and challenged Taylor Lautner to a good old fashioned push up contest. Reportedly Taylor Lautner has declined the challenge citing his sensitive wrists as the reason.

Though Celeb Jihad has learned that Taylor Lautner may be issuing a counter-challenge to Brent McMahon. Taylor is reportedly thinking of challenging Brent to compete in a serious of events to settle the lawsuit. They would include seeing who can walk the farthest with a quail’s egg in their ass without breaking it, who can sing the most songs from Roger and Hammerstein musicals, and who can suck the most c*ck in an hour.

Brent McMahon has yet to respond.