Demi Lovato Poops In The Woods

demi-lovato, celeb-jihad

Celeb Jihad has just learned that teen singing and acting sensation Demi Lovato poops in the woods! According to a good friend of Demi’s whenever she has to “take a wicked dump” she likes to run out into the woods behind her house and “pop a squat”.

First off this is disgusting and totally irresponsible. Did Demi ever think about what would happen if a bear happens by and steps in her poop? It is liable to go into a rage, find a small child, and rip its head off!

Also what if Demi farts by some dry leaves while she is out there. It could start a forest fire! I hope for Demi’s sake she has nothing to do with the wildfires outside of LA right now.

Demi has got to realize she is a role model and can not go running out and pooping in the woods whenever she feels like it. I really hope her fans know better then to try and imitate Demi, if not our nations forests could end up being engulfed by teen poop.