Demi Lovato Smuggles Video Camera Into Rehab

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A month ago Disney star Demi Lovato was shipped off to rehab for a variety of severe mental problems ranging from cutting and nymphomania to crack and fecophilia.

Well Demi Lovato just had a major relapse. It appears as though her megalomania flared up, and she paid a “mule” to smuggle in a video camera (probably in his anal cavity which would explain the shitty picture quality) so that she could record a video message and feed her desperate need for attention.

As you can see in the video below, Demi Lovato looks dazed and chunky as she hurriedly mumbles a message to her fans AKA enablers.

demi-lovato, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad

Thankfully the video cuts off before Demi flips out and starts slashing her arms and trying to eat her own poop. An orderly must have walked in to give Demi her 3 o’clock enema and suppository regime.

Let us hope that Demi Lovato starts taking her treatment seriously for she is a profoundly sick individual. Allahu Akbar!