Felicity Jones Shows Off Her Nipples In A Wet See Thru Top

felicity-jones, celeb-jihad

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” star Felicity Jones shows off her nipples in a wet see through top in the disturbing photo above.

Of course this sort of brazen tit topper display would never have occurred if Felicity Jones were wearing the righteous burka like a proper woman. For a well-crafted burka can keep a woman’s blasphemous sex organs hidden away in any situation, as the thick black wool threads are impenetrable by light, wind, and water.

Yes seeing Felicity Jones’ sinful areola poking through her soaking wet tank top like this certainly makes us pious Muslims grateful that we are not subjected to such sights from our own women thanks to our vastly superior fashion sense. Rest assured that one day soon we will put Felicity Jones into a burka, and then we will never again have to worry about seeing her erect nipples… Especially since the burka will be soaked in premium Saudi Arabian gasoline and then lit ablaze.