Jennifer Lawrence Caught Sunning Herself In The Nude

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Jennifer Lawrence was caught on camera slipping out of her white sundress to tan her nude body in the photo above.

It is good to see that Jennifer Lawrence is up to her old tricks, and is still brazenly prostituting her sinful naked feminine flesh. It had been so many months since we’ve seen any new photos of Jennifer nude that us Muslims were starting to worry that she had turned over a new leaf, and had become a chaste woman who we’d no longer have cause to stone.

However, as you can see in the photo above, our fear was unfounded and Jennifer Lawrence is just as big of a whore as ever. It will be a glorious day when she is finally dragged before a Sharia court, and sentenced for her crimes against morality. Then her skin will turn redder than a sun burn when she is stripped naked, taken to the town square, and lashed with a switch made of the finest thick Nile reeds.