Jennifer Lawrence Sideboob For ‘The Hunger Games’

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Jennifer Lawrence is the star of the new movie “The Hunger Games”, which set the box office record for a non-sequel by making $155 million in its first weekend. Clearly the infidel masses are going mad for this movie, but why?

The story appears to be about some frumpy looking dyke running around in the forest playing grab ass with effeminate lady boys. Which is to say there is nothing about this movie anyone who isn’t a fat high school girl would want to spend money on seeing.

However, after uncovering the Jennifer Lawrence sideboob picture above from “The Hunger Games” promotional tour the answer to “The Hunger Games” success is clear.

The horny infidel masses have been brainwashed by Jennifer Lawrence’s tits for the profit of the Zionist entertainment machine. Clearly in the infidel world there is a strong connection between exposed saggy boobs and box office gold.