Jennifer Lopez Ft. Iggy Azalea ‘Booty’ Slow Motion Edit

The video above is a slow motion edit of the infamous Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea “Booty” music video.

Unfortunately this “Booty” video simply had to be slowed down, as one could not adequately appreciate all of the depravity of JLo and Iggy’s jiggling cellulite in the original. However, be warned that watching the slow motion undulating of Jennifer’s rolls of ass flab is extremely hypnotizing, and one could easily find oneself completely entranced by this Puerto Rican butt blubber.

Yes there is no denying that there is something captivating about this slow motion “Booty” video, and this must be doubly true for the primitive Sub-Saharans, who’s love of enormous fat asses is well documented. In fact, the next time the police get caught on camera putting one of these abid thugs down, the authorities should just show this video on a loop to quell any unrest and prevent looting by the riled up dirt skin tribesman.