Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Old

jennifer-love-hewitt, celeb-jihad

Believe it or not the picture above is of Jennifer Love Hewitt. The poor woman looks like she has aged 20 years ever since she started dating Jamie Kennedy.

Imagine if your last chance at getting married and starting a family before your uterus falls out was a frumpy hack like Jamie Kennedy! Not only does she have to pretend to like sleeping with the bastard, but she has to laugh at his jokes. Let us remember that Jamie Kennedy is the guy who brought us such great comedic works as “The Mask 2”, “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment”, and “Malibu’s Most Wanted”.

I can picture their home life now. Jennifer comes home and Jamie greets her with his little wigger character voice “Hey girl! What up?” She has to force out a chuckle and a piece of her dies. Then his doughy ass climbs on top of her and humps her for all of 3 seconds before cumming and shouting “You’ve been X’d”. She then has to fake a orgasm and a laugh almost simultaneously. The stress must be unbearable!

The silver lining for Jennifer is that things could be worse. She could be with Carlos Mencia. In which case, according to our computer aging software, she’d currently look like this.

jennifer-love-hewitt, celeb-jihad