Jessica Biel Masturbates Her Little Sister In “The Sinner”

Jessica Biel not only flashes a gratuitous amount of side boob, but she also masturbates her little sister’s sin slit in the disturbing video above from the TV series “The Sinner”.

Lena Dunham must be one of the writers on this show, for who else would glorify something so utterly wrong as an older sister molesting her younger sibling… Especially when the holy Qur’an is very clear that that right is reserved for the the girl’s father, brothers, and in certain instances a close uncle.

Yes kuffar television is certainly lowering the bar with this “The Sinner” show, and the fact that it is running on basic cable just goes to show how hopelessly depraved the infidel entertainment industry has become in their never ending race to the bottom. For it is only a matter of time before this sort of degenerate filth is on network TV, and Jessica Biel is starring in some hit CBS drama in which she solves mysteries while finger blasting her mother’s banged out old lady box.