Katarina Cas Full Frontal Nude Scene From “The Wolf of Wall Street”

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The video below features Katarina Cas’s full frontal nude scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street” enhanced in high definition.

Katarina Cas’ pussy performance in this film was certainly overshadowed by Margot Robbie’s lecherous lady lips… And there is no doubt that Katarina is bitter and jealous of her vaginal rival’s runaway success ever since.

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Yes, Katarina did every thing that Margot did in this film from shaving her sin slit (as you can see from the behind-the-scenes clip above) to sucking off Martin Scorsese’s shriveled up shrimp schlong, but she didn’t get nearly the attention or the acclaim. It just goes to show that fame is a fickle mistress, and which blasphemous bare baby box she chooses to bless is anyone’s guess.

katarina-cas, celeb-videos
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