Kate Upton Offends Islam With Bouncing Breasts

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Busty model Kate Upton offends Islam with her shameful big bouncing boobies in the video above. Kate Upton’s perfectly shaped large bosom is revolting and sinful, and it must be hidden away under a thick black burka with a roll of duct tape to control the immodest jiggle.

Allah gave Kate Upton these big titties as a test to see if she would do the right thing and feel great shame. Obviously Kate Upton has failed that test as she brazenly flaunts her sin wagons without the slightest sign of remorse, in an affront to Allah and the Islamic world.

Muslims from Damascus to Tikrit are up in arms about Kate Upton’s shameless defiance of the will of Allah. We demand that Kate Upton cover up her lady lumps post haste or a strongly worded fatwa will be issued against her and her tits during high noon prayer. Allahu Akbar!