Desperate To Get Married, Katy Perry Poses Nude

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Katy Perry poses naked while wearing just a bridal headpiece and white garter stockings in the truly pathetic photo above.

With Katy Perry turning 30-years-old next month it is obvious that this nude photo is a last-ditch desperate attempt to trick some poor sap into marrying her before her spinster status becomes official.

Of course marrying any woman that is past the age of 16 is laughably foolish, as she would only be able to birth 15 to 20 children, or work in the fields for maybe 10 to 12 years (if you are lucky) before the hard labor makes her an invalid and you have to shoot her and dump her body on the compost heap.

Yes despite her bulbous breasts holding up remarkably well after all these years, marrying Katy Perry would be a horrible investment. Besides who does she think she is fooling wearing white in this nude pic, she’d never pass the pre-wedding hymen inspection.