Katy Perry Laying Naked On Her Bed

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Pop star Katy Perry lays naked on her bed in the scandalous photo above. This naked photo proves that not only is Katy Perry a tremendous whore, but she is also extremely lazy.

It is hard to say which is the more offensive part of this Katy Perry naked picture, the exposed sinful female sex organs, or the fact that Katy is neglecting her chores. However, one thing is for certain this Katy Perry nude proves that when left to their own devices women are nothing more than immoral layabouts.

Yes Katy Perry laying around naked is the perfect illustration of why us Muslims are completely justified in the beating of our women. For without the firm hand of a man to guide them down the path of righteousness, the weak minded females will succumb to base temptations. The holy Qur’an teaches us that “if you spare the rod you spoil the woman”, and Katy Perry has reiterated the wisdom of these words with this slothenly naked picture.