Katy Perry Topless In Esquire Magazine

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

Just days after we here at Celeb Jihad strongly suggested that Katy Perry show her breasts if she wants to save her dwindling career, Katy posed topless for the cover of Esquire Magazine.

Are we surprised that Katy Perry took our advice? No, as the only celebrity news website that I am aware of anything we publish is going to be read by every celebrity because they are insecure and completely image obsessed.

Katy Perry knows that we here at Celeb Jihad have a hand firmly on the pulse of pop culture, and when we say she better show her tits she damn well does it.

While we appreciate the effort by Katy Perry, we can’t help but feel disappointed that she did not go all the way and show nipple. Katy has to realize that fame is a fickle mistress and you can not expect to keep her attention with half measures.

Katy Perry must now show just her nipples so the picture above can be complete. I suggest some sort of t-shirt with nipple holes cut in it. I am sure Katy can borrow one from Lady Gaga if she needs to.