Kendall Jenner’s Pierced Nipple Caught On Video At Coachella

Kendall Jenner was caught on camera flaunting her pierced nipple in a see through black lace top at the Coachella music festival in the video above.

The only halal reason for a woman’s nipples to be pierced is so that her master can attach a harness to the rings and give them a vigorous tug when the woman slacks off while pulling the plow. Since Kendall is certainly far to scrawny and weak to be a plow maiden, one can only assume that her nipple piercings are to enhance her sinful sexual pursuits.

Us pious Muslims have half a mind to go to Coachella and give Kendall’s nipples a good hard tongue lashing for this brazen display. The only reason we hesitate is that we’d have to hear some of the horrible music being played there, and (as you can see in the photo below) Kendall’s nasty mudshark sister Kylie is at the event parading her bloated ass around in a bikini.

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