Dozens of Animal Carcasses Found in Home of Kim Kardashian

kim-kardashian, celeb-jihadCALABASAS, CA — Agents raided the home of Kim Kardashian on Sunday and discovered hundreds of animals crowded together in foul-smelling conditions as well as dozens of puppy carcasses in a freezer.

Authorities removed 56 ailing dogs and cats for immediate medical attention, said Elaine Marin, program director for the California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Agents found a freezer containing 65 carcasses. They also found up to 800 animals, including monkeys, miniature horses and turkeys, many of them living amid the stench of feces and decay.

“It’s horrible,” Marin said.

Kardashian, who is the prime suspect in a string of animal cruelty cases throughout Southern California, was cited with two counts of cruelty to animals in Sunday’s raid. She faces a maximum fine of $750 for each count.

Two years ago Kardashian was charged with having too many monkeys and operating a menagerie without a permit. She paid fines and court costs.

kim-kardashian, celeb-jihadA neighbor, James D’Angelo, said he wasn’t surprised by Sunday’s raid.

“You hear (the dogs) screaming and crying all night,” D’Angelo said.

Added D’Angelo, “In the summertime, in August, you can’t even open a window without being overcome with stench.”