Kristen Stewart Touches Herself While Sexting

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I was excited when I was contacted by “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart’s PR team to do an exclusive in-depth phone interview for the Website. I wanted to ask Kristen the important questions no one else was asking like, “Why was she such a whore?“, “Did she fear her inevitable stoning?“, and “What was Satan like in person?“.

However, I never got the answers to my questions, for as you can see in the picture above, Kristen Stewart would not stop trying to “sext” with me while masturbating.

Yes my Kristen Stewart interview quickly degraded as she refused to answer my questions, and kept asking me “What are you wearing?” while begging me to send her photos of my enormous manhood and hairy ball satchel.

I should have known that Kristen Stewart would never be able to interact with a virile Muslim without succumbing to intense erotic desires. From now on I am going to require that all celebrities I interview have their clits circumcised beforehand.