Hayden Panettiere Got Sexual Assaulted By Lady Gaga

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As you can see in the video above, converted Muslim Hayden Panettiere was sexually assaulted by a giant orb who’s identity was later revealed to be infidel transvestite Lady Gaga.

A fine Muslimina like Hayden Panettiere is no doubt traumatized after being put in a bear hug, and having her pious ass spanked by a degenerate like Gaga. As proud Muslim warriors we can not sit ideally by while our women are sexual assaulted by pop star freaks like this.

That is why I am calling on all Celeb Jihadists to get to work drafting a strongly worded Fatwa to be issued against Lady Gaga on the eve of the first harvest moon. Rest assured Hayden, Gaga will pay for what she did to you. Allahu Akbar!