Lady Gaga Shows Her Post-Op Naked Vagina

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Lady Gaga sent out her annual Christmas card yesterday, and to celebrate the birth of her Jew lord she reenacted a bondage scene while flashing her shaved post-op tranny vagina.

As we have documented on this site, Lady Gaga was born an ugly man, but miraculously through the dark arts of Western medicine Gaga has transformed into an even uglier woman. Now that transformation is complete with Lady Gaga finally getting what appears to be a passable female vagina.

I get that you infidel kuffars think it is “cool” and “hip” to get your dicks cut off and balls removed and molded into a cunt, but as a Muslim I can not help but find it severely disturbing.

You can celebrate the virgin birth (*snicker) of your Jew God however you like for now, but it is only a matter of time before Islam conquers the world. Once we do, you damn well better believe you’ll be packing up those Christmas trees and Lady Gaga post-op tranny vaginas as they are offensive to Allah. Allahu Akbar!