Darren Criss & Laura Harrier Steam Up the Screen in the Trailer for the New TV show “Hollywood” (33 Pics + Video)

Ryan Murphy’s seven-episode limited series, titled Hollywood, will feature aspiring filmmakers and actors trying to make it big in the industry in an alternate reality version of post-World War II Hollywood. The three-minute trailer featured plenty of drama centered around fame, race and sexual orientation. Laura Harrier stars as actress Camille Washington who earned a lead role in a film by Darren Criss’ character Raymond Ainsley.


They move on to a romantic relationship as one of the biggest eyebrow-raising moments of the trailer came when they passionately kiss. The tone of the trailer is set at the very beginning as it starts at a gas station where Patti Lupone’s character Avis pulls up and gives the secret password ‘dreamland’. When that word is uttered the manager of the gas station Ernie, played by Dylan McDermott, explained: “You get in the car with them, have a drink maybe, and sometimes… sometimes you have to service them.”

Another main character on the show is screenwriter Archie Coleman played by Jeremy Pope. An interesting point comes early when Holland Taylor’s character Ellen Kincaid is introduced to him, seems shocked and says: “You’re coloured. I love it,” before planting a big kiss on his lips. Not everything is perfect in this alternate reality, however, as things take a turn when a burning cross is shown on the front yard of Camille and Raymond’s lawn. Archie is also shown holding hands with a man on the red carpet before he is shown screaming: “F*** these white people in charge! They don’t play fair, so why should we?”

Queen Latifah, who plays Hattie McDaniel, is later shown giving Camille words of advice as she said: “It ain’t about whether you win or lose, what’s important is being in the room.” The final scene shows a formal dinner party as Hollywood talent agent Henry Wilson, played by Jim Parsons, introduces his new client Rock Hudson (Jake Picking) to Vivien Leigh (Katie McGuinness). Rock says: “So I take it you’re in Gone With the Wind?” Before, he could answer Henry says: “Yes. Are you f****** kidding? She’s Godamn Scarlett O’Hara you f****** hayseed.”

The limited series also stars Samara Weaving, Michelle Krusiec, Joe Mantello, and Maude Apatow. Hollywood is set to stream on Netflix beginning May 1, 2020.



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