Lia Marie Johnson Shows Deep Cleavage While Rapping About Penis

YouTube star Lia Marie Johnson shows off some deep cleavage while lip-syncing a rap about penis in the Snapchat video above.

Lia recently turned 19-years-old and that means that her time in the spotlight is coming to an end, as the allure of her big teenage titties is rapidly fading. Lia certainly owes it to her millions of followers on social media to pose completely topless soon before her milk sacks begin to sag. For without her fans’ appreciation of her bulbous boobies Lia would have been just another failing fame whore singing songs on YouTube, and she no doubt would have resorted to doing porn like the girl in the video below.

Yes if Lia Marie Johnson didn’t have such a busty bosom she’d almost certainly be on camera right now pushing a creampie out of her teenage twat. Although in a few years when Lia has completely faded from the spotlight she’ll probably end up doing porn anyway.