Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Flaunts Breasts In A Bikini

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Proving the old Arab saying that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and Madonna and her daughter are sluts“, Madonna’s 15-year-old daughter Lourdes appeared in public wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini, brazenly flaunting her busty teen boobs.

This picture of Lourdes in a bikini comes right on the heels of the picture of Kim Kardashian’s 15-year-old half sister Kendall prostituting herself in a slutty cheerleader outfit. I am beginning to wonder if Western society has degraded to the point in which all 15-year-old girls are already tremendous whores.

One thing is for certain, we must find out for sure. That is why I am personally going to show up at a local high school (restraining order be damned) and I will proposition every 15-year-old girl I see. If they accept then we will know that 15-year-olds are without hope, and if they decline my advances (doubtful) then Lourdes and Kendall are isolated cases that must be dealt with before they infect others in their age group.

May Allah be with me and give me strength as I try to seduce my way to the truth. Allahu Akbar!