Maisie Williams Nude “Game of Thrones” Deleted Scene

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Maisie Williams shows her nude tits in a deleted scene from “Game of Thrones” in the leaked screenshot above.

In what was by far the highlight of Game of Throne’s final season (which isn’t saying much), Maisie Williams got naked onscreen for the first time. However according to sources on the set there was much more to Maisie’s nude scene then what aired on television, as producers cut most of it since they felt that the fact that Maisie grew up on the show combined with her nubile appearance caused her gratuitous nudity to cross a line.

The topless sceencap above appears to corroborate these reports. Perhaps one day the full nude scene will be released… But even if it is (along with one of Sansa getting her sin hole finger blasted by the meaty paws of Brienne of Tarth) it still would not make the last season watchable.