Margot Robbie Sexy (38 Photos)

The 28-year-old star of the “Suicide Squad” Margot Robbie showed off an imperfect figure in a swimsuit. The actress went on a vacation with her husband in Costa Rica.

Margot Robbie, a couple of weeks ago celebrated her 28th birthday, can rightly be named one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. However, despite many new projects, she manages to find time to rest.

So, after filming in the movie “Mary Queen of Scots,” Margot went to the coast of Costa Rica. Robbie is resting with her husband, director Tom Ackerley. The couple married in December 2016 after three years of relationship. Spouses prefer not to advertise their relationship, but it does not save them from the paparazzi. However, celebs hunters captured mainly Margot.

Note that Robbie showed not the best body, despite her slender legs, the actress can’t boast of a toned figure. However, most likely, the actress will come in shape before the starring in the “Suicide Squad” sequel, where she will again play Harley Quinn.