Michelle Batista Nude Scenes Compilation From “O Negócio”

The video above features the ultimate compilation of Michelle Batista’s nude scenes from the Brazilian HBO series “O Negócio” (The Business for all you none Mexican speakers).

With her world class tight round ass and Rio back alley hatchet boob job, Michelle Batista certainly fits the stereotypical depiction of a Brazilian woman… Whether or not she also has AIDS and can shoot a soccer ball out of her snatch remains to be seen… But I wouldn’t bet against it.

Of course like all Brazilian women Michelle is blasphemously brazen when it comes to baring her shameful female flesh, as she proudly paraded around her nude sex organs for years on this TV series. This inherent Brazilian baseness is no doubt due to the extremely low numbers of pious Muslims in their backwoods barbaric land… Something that someday soon will be rectified, even if it means burning the entire rainforest to the ground to make room for our goat pastures and camel racing stables.