Mila Kunis Bent Over With Her Panties To The Side

mila-kunis, celeb-jihad

Mila Kunis poses bent over with her crisp white panties pulled to the side, so that her stinky orifices are exposed in the photo above.

It is unclear as to whether Mila has her panties pulled to the side because she is anticipating sex, or if she is simply airing out her smelly lady holes. Regardless the reason there is no doubt that it is a disturbing sight to behold, and that the room now stinks like cabbage and burnt hard boiled eggs.

If Mila Kunis is waiting to have sex then she should not be wearing panties at all, but rather a sex burka (which is like a regular burka only with a few strategically cut out holes). This makes sex far more pleasurable for the man as he is not offended by the sight of bare female flesh, and the noxious fumes from her moist feminine cavities get trapped in the burka where they belong.