Miley Cyrus Gets Anti-Semitic Tattoo

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

Just days after turning her back on the Jihad, Miley Cyrus appears to have done a complete 180 and is now ready to run back into the stern arms of Allah.

Miley Cyrus just got a new tattoo and it appears to be an anti-semitic slur. Though the picture is blurry I believe Miley’s new tat says “Jewish Bitches”. An obvious reference to the well known fact that all Jews are in fact bitches.

I commend Miley Cyrus for showing a renewed commitment in battling the international Zionists. A tattoo with an anti-semitic slur is a great way for Miley to let the Jews know that her Jihad against them, much like her new tattoo, is forever. Allahu Akbar!