Miley Cyrus Gets Prophet Muhammad Arm Tattoo

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Devout Muslim woman Miley Cyrus has chosen to show reverence to the Prophet Muhammad by getting his image tattooed on her arm.

Foolish Westerns will think that getting a Muhammad tattoo is offensive to Muslims because the Prophet is not supposed to be depicted in images. However, what their drug addled brains do not realize is that Miley Cyrus was not the one drawing Muhammad her tattoo artist was.

I am sure as soon as he finished tattooing Muhammad onto Miley’s arm she unsheathed her saif and cut his head clean off for the blasphemy of drawing the blessed Prophet. That makes Miley Cyrus’ tattoo all the more impressive, and also gives her an excellent story to tell at the Mosque fall social.

Praise be to you Miley Cyrus for once again proving your devotion to the Muslim faith. Allahu Akbar!