Beth Behrs Broke Nude Photo

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Actress Beth Behrs appears to dig her fingers into her sinfully smooth slit in the nude photo above.

Of course Beth is best known for whoring her tits and ass while playing an aspiring escort on the CBS comedy series “2 Broke Girls”. Now it looks as though life is imitating art, as after the show’s cancellation in 2017 Beth’s career has nosedived leaving her strapped for cash.

If Beth had any sense she would have seen this financial catastrophe coming, because before her big break on “2 Broke Girls” her biggest acting accomplishment was playing a blonde strumpet in the video clip above from a straight to DVD “American Pie” spin-off.

Yes, infidel women like Beth Behrs are inept when it comes to handling money, so they inevitably run out of it and have to revert back to selling the only thing that they are good for… Being moist holes.