Emma Watson Cutesy In Pink Nude Photo

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Emma Watson tries to play up her “cutesy” and “girlie” side by dying her hair pink and posing completely naked in her all pink bedroom in the photo above.

Of course this transformation of Emma Watson from the cold stoned faced lesbodyke Ivy League graduate to the playful sex kitten we see in this nude photo, comes right on the heels of Disney announcing that they have cast Emma to play Belle in the live-action musical adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast”.

As we’ve seen in the past, Disney likes their whores to be more feminine and nubile, so it was smart of Emma Watson to change her persona. No doubt under the guidance of her Mickey Mouse pimps Emma will soar to new heights of depravity following in the illustrious slutty footsteps of fellow Mouseketeers Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez.