Emma Watson Posh Nude Photo

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Emma Watson flaunts her incredible wealth and stinky lady cave while spreading her legs in the posh nude photo above.

Who does Emma Watson think she is showing off her naked gash in such an opulent setting like this, Queen Elizabeth? Obviously the Harry Potter movies paid Emma very well, and if you add to that all the cash she makes whoring on the streets for fun, one can easily see how Emma could have amassed such a fortune.

Of course Emma Watson will never have as much money as us Muslims, as Allah has blessed our lands with most of the world’s oil, so that we may have ample funds to acquire many Toyota trucks and pressure cookers for the Jihad against the infidels. If Emma had any sense she’d take some of the money she spends on ornate furniture, and instead invest in a burka, as money can’t buy her a new head if she ends up on trial in Sharia court.