Jenna Dewan Nude Photo Shoot Outtakes

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Outtakes from actress and dancer Jenna Dewan’s nude photo shoot for Women’s Health have just been released online in the gallery below.


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As you can see, in these outtakes Jenna Dewan brazenly bares her nude tits and ass for all to see… Of course as a dancer her derriere is extremely dickable, leaving us pious Muslims to wonder why her dim-witted ex-husband Channing Tatum did not sell her off to be an anal only concubine in Middle Eastern harems instead of divorcing her.

Yes, when disposing of a wife like Jenna Dewan it is always best to try and recycle her. For one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and clearly Jenna’s tight tush could still withstand a few thrashings from the tremendous thrusts of a Muslim meat scud.