Mila Kunis Shows Off Her Tan Nude Body

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Just in time for summer, actress and Jewess Mila Kunis shows off her tan body in the nude photo above.

How dare Mila Kunis try to seduce us pious Muslims with her bare sun kissed Hebra flesh like this! No doubt Mila is secretly an agent for the Israeli Mossad, and this naked picture is their devious attempt to distract and derail Iran’s righteous nuclear program.

Of course this naked Mila Kunis photo will fail as the brilliant Iranian nuclear scientists know that Mila’s tan is not halal as it comes from sunning herself on top of her Jew gold, and not from honest toil in the poppy fields.

Yes this nude Mila Kunis photo can not stop the great caliphate of Iran from developing nuclear energy, and soon every Iranian will have access to cheap and efficient heat… from the burning nuked carcasses of their Israeli neighbors.