Olivia Munn Drunkenly Flashes Her Vagina

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Actress, TV host, and Green Bay Fudge Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers’ beard girlfriend, Olivia Munn flashes her vagina while drunkenly partying in LA last night.

Of course it should come as no surprise that when given alcohol Olivia Munn strips nearly naked and shows off her vagina in public, for like all women Olivia is base by nature. Once alcohol is added to the simple and fundamentally morally corrupt mind of a woman she can not help but shamelessly whore her body like this.

The irony is that even though Olivia Munn is granting easy access to her baby cave by removing her panties and putting her legs back by her head, if a virile Muslim were to happen by and violently pound her with his mighty meat scud, Olivia would no doubt claim that she “wasn’t asking for it”. Then she would happily join the growing cult of victimhood among women in the West, and brag about how she was able to find the inner strength to overcome this “traumatic” yet no doubt extremely pleasure experience.