Paris Hilton Hopes To Die Soon

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Dying is so hot right now. Just ask Paris Hilton. The socialite has made her career on being on the forefront of trends in Hollywood, and she has definitely picked up on the latest “IT” move.

“Death, that’s hot!” said Paris outside of Nobu yesterday. “When I heard David Carradine and Ed McMahon had I died, I thought TACKY. But after hearing about Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson’s death, I started thinking, ‘Maybe there is something to this whole death thing after all’”.

So what finally moved death from fad to fab for Paris? “It was Billy Mays dying. That’s when I knew that death was the new black.”

Paris says the details are still being worked out on how she will meet her demise, but she is going to take some tips from other celebs recent deaths. “I know I want my heart to explode. Possibly while I have a zucchini or a large rodent stuffed up my snatch. Not quite sure yet which. You’ll have to wait and see.”