Penelope Cruz Nude Compilation Video

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The video below features the complete compilation of Penelope Cruz’s nude scenes to date.

Penelope Cruz hails from the Mexican nation of Spain. For those who do not know their history, the Muslim Moors conquered and ruled Spain for over 500 years. Unfortunately during that time they were unable to completely rape the degeneracy out of the heathen female populace, and so they eventually abandoned the cursed country allowing whores like Penelope to once again flourish.

Us Muslims of today are paying for the Moors failure with the sight of Penelope’s blasphemous tit meat. However we will learn from their mistakes, and when we once again bring Spain to heel we will immediately begin purging the populace. Once the land is soaked red with the blood of the disbelievers, we will salt the earth so that no boobies like Penelope’s will ever again be able to grow in this most unholy place.