Chris Brown Buys Rihanna A Necklace

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Are pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together? If Rihanna wearing the necklace Chris just bought her is any indication then the answer is yes!

Don’t adjust your screen folks, Rihanna is proudly wearing a solid gold necklace with the word “cunt” inscribed on it. Shocking I know… with gold prices what they are today it is amazing that Chris Brown would spend so much money on a worthless cum dumpster like Rihanna… but I guess love makes a guy do crazy things.

Of course feminists are already up in arms about Rihanna wearing a necklace that says “cunt” on it. What these feminists do not understand is that Rihanna is a dedicated submissive who derives sexual pleasure from getting embarrassed and abused by a man. Rihanna knows that Chris Brown is one of the few kuffar men that is capable of dominating her like the whore she is, so she keeps coming (and cuming) back for more.