Rihanna Plays With Herself On Stage

rihanna, celeb-jihad

No longer satisfied with simply wearing ridiculously revealing clothes, Rihanna has taken to masturbating on stage in front of her fans.

Great artists like Rihanna have an relentless need to express themselves. Of course her record label would never allow her to actually write any lyrics, compose music, or not have her voice heavily distorted, because, well, they want it to sound good. So tragically artists like Rihanna are forced to express themselves the only way they have left, through sex.

From Cher and Madonna to Rihanna and Lady Gaga, these great musical masters walk around with their tits and ass hanging out whenever they get the opportunity. Now Rihanna is raising the stakes by openly pleasuring herself during her show, and I say kudos for pushing the envelope.

I predict within the next decade or so we will have pop divas doing full on insertion while lip syncing to the music talented people put together for them. Who knows maybe they will shoot a few ping-pong balls from their cooch into the crowd for lucky fans to take home as souvenirs.

Check out these pictures of Rihanna pushing the artistic envelope and playing with herself on stage in Paris.


rihanna, celeb-jihad rihanna, celeb-jihad rihanna, celeb-jihad rihanna, celeb-jihad