Rihanna Private Topless Pics Leaked

rihanna, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

Rihanna isn’t just a pop star, she is also a black, and with February being black history month in the United States Rihanna has decided to do her part by leaking these topless private pics.

As you can see in the pictures below Rihanna is celebrating black history month by posing topless in her panties, and seductively sucking her finger.

Blacks are notoriously self-deprecating so it is great to see Rihanna embracing her black heritage by having her Nubian tits hanging out just like her ancestors on the plains of Africa use to. If she only had a bone going through her nose the look would of been perfect.


rihanna, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad rihanna, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad